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Viohl & Associates publishes an Energy Update periodically, which provides summaries of significant state and federal energy news.  


Energy Update: August 23, 2019

In the States

TX – Last year coal production in Texas fell sharply as a number of coal-fired power plants closed. Of the state’s coal mines, only 12 are still active and production in these mines is down by nearly 30% from 2017. The state also has 17 inactive mines, one of which was closed just l…

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Energy Update: August 2, 2019


In the States

TX – For the first time since Texas began collecting data on its energy production, wind energy has surpassed coal as as a source of power. Dr. Andrew Swift, a professor at Texas Tech University, says that the biggest factor contributing to  wind energy growth in Texas i…

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Energy Update: July 12, 2019

In the States

MN – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced the completion of the largest solar project in a Minnesota city, Brooklyn Park. The solar project was funded through a public-private partnership and, according to Governor Walz, will not cost taxpayers any money. Brooklyn Park offici…

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