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Energy Update, November 4, 2011

In the States

NE – Governor Dave Heineman has called a special session of the legislature for the purpose of considering legislation on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.  Thus far, at least three bills have been introduced to strengthen regulatory requirements for construction of the pipeline within the State.  Governor Heineman, State lawmakers, and residents living in affected areas are concerned about the safety of the pipeline, especially as it crosses an aquifer that serves 1.5 million people and that is vulnerable to contaminants such as oil, should a leak occur.  One of the proposed bills would give oversight of the project to the State’s Public Service Commission, while another would prohibit pipeline developers from taking land through eminent domain without a permit.  In another proposed bill, a panel would be convened to recommend whether to approve or deny a pipeline proposal and report to the State’s Governor, who would have the final say on whether a pipeline route would be acceptable.  Neb. bill would give Governor pipeline authorityBloomberg BusinessWeek

Federal News

President Barack Obama has announced that he will personally decide whether to issue a federal permit for the 1700-mile Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.  The proposed permit for the controversial pipeline has been under review by the State Department for three years.  President Obama said that he will review a report from the State Department in the next several months and make a decision based on economic and public health concerns.  Unions and industry groups who support the pipeline say that the $7 billion investment would create thousands of jobs while environmentalists say that the pipeline would go through environmentally sensitive areas and that creating usable oil from tar sands creates more greenhouse gases than other types of oil.  Obama to make decision on controversial oil pipelineWashington Post

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