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Below please find several diverse examples of our work, including summaries of congressional hearings and other Capitol Hill briefings, our insights into the healthcare policy landscape, and overviews of legislation and other federal and state policy and activities.

Insights and Selected Research

Healthy Adult Opportunity Waivers Overview

Tennessee Block Grant Proposal Summary

State Work Requirements Waivers Comparison Chart 

ACE Kids Act Section by Section Updates 

Revisions to Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Rules 

Highlights of 2016 MedPAC/MACPAC Duals Data Book

Highlights of the GAO Report on the Financial Alignment Demonstrations

Comparison of 2016 House and Senate Republican Budget Proposals on Medicaid and CHIP


Alternative Medicaid Expansions

Summary of New Hampshire Premium Assistance Program

Summary of Indiana HIP 2.0


Hearings, Briefings, and Other Events

Summary of House E&C Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee hearing on Governors battling COVID-19

Highlights from February 2020 MACPAC Public Meeting

Highlights from January 2020 MACPAC Public Meeting

Highlights from December 2019 MACPAC Public Meeting

Summary of Kaiser Family Foundation and National Association of Medicaid Directors Briefing on Medicaid Spending, Enrollment and Policy Trends, FY 2019/2020

Summary of E&C SubHealth Hearing on Medicaid at 50

Summary of E&C SubHealth Hearing on Medicaid Program Integrity

Highlights of Alliance for Health Reform’s Briefing on Prison Healthcare

Summary of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Long-Term Care Initiative Launch 

Highlights of “Cracking the Code on Health Care Costs” 



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