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Energy Update: November 1, 2019

In the States

KS – Governor Laura Kelly announced a new statewide energy plan was in the works at the Kansas Renewable Energy Conference. The new plan will reverse regulations that made it more difficult and expensive for companies in Kansas to install solar panels and other sources of renewable energy. 
Governor Kelly hopes the plan will bring new jobs to the state and help make Kansas a leader in renewable energy in the region. This announcement follows the recent installation of six wind farms  in Kansas’s Ford County.  Kansas governor announces new statewide energy plan –


MI – Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Public Service Commission announced the launch of a new initiative designed to encourage Michigan residents and businesses to transition to clean energy. The initiative, called MI Power Grid, will serve as a central source for clean energy information and outreach and engage utility customers and other stakeholders. The new initiative builds on Michigan’s 2016 energy laws that initially sparked a transition to clean energy in the state. The MI Power Grid program aims to catalyze advancements in energy infrastructure planning, updated regulations to improve customer service and reliability, and new clean energy programs. “Prioritizing clean energy in Michigan will help us grow our economy, create jobs, and protect our overall public health,” Governor Whitmer said.  Michigan launches MI Power Grid initiative to aid cleaner energy transition – Daily Energy Insider


NY  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the start of the third round of the Energy to Lead competition. A total of $5 million in awards is now available to colleges and universities across the state that propose to decrease their carbon footprint, improve the resiliency of their grid, and reduce energy 
use. Prizes are given to the institutions or communities that propose the best energy-saving project with awards ranging from $500,000 to $1.5 million. "New York is a leader in the fight against climate change, and through initiatives like Energy to Lead, we are empowering our colleges and universities to establish best-in-class energy efficient clean energy policies for others to follow," Governor Cuomo said. This announcement supports Governor Cuomo’s Green New Deal initiative and the State’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85% by 2050. Governor Cuomo Announces $5 Million for Clean Energy Competition –
Transmission & Distribution World


VA – Governor Ralph Northam announced a new state contract to purchase 420 megawatts of solar and wind energy from the Commonwealth’s largest utility, Dominion Energy. This agreement constitutes the largest contract that any state has negotiated to buy renewable energy to power state government. As a result of this agreement, 30% of all electricity consumed by state agencies and institutions in Virginia will come from renewable sources by 2022, meeting a key goal the Governor set forth in his Executive Order Forty-Three, issued in September. “Virginia is leading by example and demonstrating how states can step up to combat climate change and advance a clean energy economy,” said Governor Northam. Virginia strikes deal to purchase renewable energy for use in state facilities – The Washington Post



The National Governors Association (NGA) announced it competitively picked four states (Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho and Maryland) to participate in the GridEx V energy security exercise. GridEx is conducted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) biennially to test states’ response to simulated physical and cyber-attacks on the electric grid in North America. The goal of the exercise is to encourage and rate the preparedness of states in the event of a real-world attack on the grid. “As a national leader in cybersecurity and a pioneer in micro-grid development, Maryland is proud to partner with the National Governors Association and other states on the GridEx emergency preparedness exercise,” Maryland Governor and NGA Chair Larry Hogan said. “Our technology-driven infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack with the electric grid as a prime target, but we are committed to protecting our state against threats to our  infrastructure with the best ideas and latest technologies.” National Governors Association selects four states for assistance in GridEx V energy security exercise – Daily Energy Insider

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