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Energy Update, March 26, 2008

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KS – Governor Sebelius vetoed legislation that would have allowed a new coal power plant to be built in Kansas. Regulators rejected plans for a new plant to be built in western Kansas out of concerns for global warming. The legislature passed a bill that would have overturned that ruling before it was vetoed by the governor. A new bill has already been written though the House will still vote on an override, which is expected to fail. Sebelius vetoes coal billThe Wichita Eagle and New bill on coal-fired plants emerges in Kansas HouseThe Kansas City Star

MD Environmental bills overall are facing tough challenges before sine die, leaving many questioning their ability to be passed and the efficacy of the governor. O’Malley’s green agenda seen as stallingThe Washington Times

MI – Lawmakers are considering a bill that would provide a tax credit for manufacturers of solar cells. Solar tax credit proposed to lure mid-Michigan plant

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